Social Media Marketing Diploma (32 Hours )

SSocial Media is a game changerion

You will gain knowledge about how to set up social media platforms. As such, you can grasp the social media platform landscape and when to use each of them. You will be able to identify the various content types and formats that work best for each social media platform. You will be trained to use the best practices to achieve the highest ROI by using social media ads. Finally, you will start your career as a social media specialist. We will provide you with a crucial opportunity to review real case studies for real brands.

Diploma Outcome

- Discover how to build Social Media Platforms.

- Acknowledge Copywriting.

- Recognize the landscape of social media sites and when to engage each one.

- Recognize the various content kinds and styles that perform best for each social media site.

- See how to tailor your content to each social media platform.

- Discover the significance of a Content Calendar and how to establish one.

- Learn about a community management report.

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