Content Creation Course (16 Hours )

Content is the real king of all times!

This course will provide you with the guidance you need to develop great digital content and attain catchy content creation through deep research, savvy strategic planning, and a digital understanding of your target audience. We will erase the eternal confusion about the difference between content creation and copywriting. You will gain the superpower of writing words that sell. You will learn to make Google work for you by achieving the first ranking.

We will take you on a magical journey to be the manipulative content creator who seals all the deals.

- An exposure to the virtual environment and the creating of content.

- SEO and SEM Basics

- Comprehending Digital Content and Data Collecting

- Techniques and tools for doing research.

- Content Types and Strategic Plan

- Constructs throughout digital channels, including copywriting and creative direction.

- Reporting and analyzing, as well as Content Effectiveness

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