About Us

About Tiye Academy

is a comprehensive and integrated academy

where you can discover, learn, and be inspired. With Tiye, you will go through a remarkable experience as you will be hands-on during the real process. We enlighten the upcoming wave of marketing gurus on the most revolutionary and creative methods. We empower them to prepare for new careers and academic endeavors while enhancing their earning potential.

In addition, our mentors will help you chart your course through digital marketing. Our mentors are an essential component of the Tiye Academy experience. Their impact encourages creativity and encourages interaction among students while working on real projects for real brands in the market. Furthermore, there are intensive follow-ups and workshops to make sure our students are on the right track.

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Our Golden Aim

Our approach is to let our marketing experts, who felt obligated to contribute to the market, do so by mentoring and imparting their expertise to the upcoming wave of marketing professionals. They communicate their experiences throughout the teaching methodologies and well- constructed syllabuses of the academy to assist in preparing bright talents for the real world.

Why to choose Tiye academy?

You will apply practicality to real brands.
You will build a strong portfolio.
You will have the opportunity for a 1-month internship (12 hours) after the diploma at Tiye Solutions.
You will have the opportunity for a 3-month internship at the Tiye Solutions agency, depending on your performance and your project.
If your project and your performance are outstanding, you will have the opportunity to join Tiye Solutions’ team.